How Do Google Rank Websites?

How Do GOOGLE Rank Websites?


Content And Backlink Plays A Crucial Role In Ranking Web Pages..


How to write an article?

    • Content is king if we talk about SEO. It should be highly comprehensive. It should answer all the question that a person put while searching a keyword. All information in one platform. For example, if we search on google, the best vacuum cleaner and if that article gives all the details, comparison, reviews, pros, and cons, obviously that article is a high-quality article. And Keyword is an important tool.

A keyword in SEO describes the contents of a Web page. Your job is to optimize all the keywords people mostly used. You have to find out all the keywords having similar intent. A keyword is actually the formation of your website content. It helps Google understand the purpose of your page. It helps to drive traffic to your site and hence, boost ranking.


How to get quality backlinks?

    • A backlink is formed when one website connects to another. The link between the two websites is backlink. The more the number of backlinks you have the better ranking you will get. Backlinks are of two types – DO-FOLLOW & NOFOLLOW. DO-FOLLOW – Backlinks that allow you to follow them to reach their Websites. Google gives the power to follow. NOFOLLOW – Backlinks that do not allow to follow their links.

A backlink in SEO helps in increasing google ranking by sending referral traffic to a Web page. Its job is to build a brand and building a relationship with high authority websites. There are four key parameters that should need to take care of while making backlinks – Follow versus No Follow, Anchor Text, Link Juice, and Relevancy. It helps to drive traffic to web sites and hence, boost ranking.

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