Email Marketing

E-Mail marketing is the form of marketing in which advertisers send a direct mail to their customers. These mails consist of various commercial or fundraising messages. The audiences might be a business’ existing customers or random potential ones.
It is a type of direct marketing which is carried out with a purpose of enhancing the relationship of a business or a company with their current customers or the previous ones. This method is done with a motive of encouraging customer loyalty and repeat business.
Here are some benefits of E-Mail marketing for a business.
1. Instant Results : Due to the fact that E-Mails can be sent immediately, a business can start getting results within some minutes after the E-Mail has been sent. Time limited sale is an excellent marketing monopoly that can be used by E-Mail, as it creates a hype and thus, helps the business to convince their subscribers to go for it immediately if interested.
2. Easily Shareable : Subscribers can easily share brilliant offers and sale with their friends and contacts within some couple of seconds. It takes less than a minute to share something Via E-Mail or other messenger applications. The sharing feature is just a matter of click. No other types of marketing has this convenient feature. And the loyal customers will always share such things with others and convince them to try those products they are interested in
3. Reaches customers who are already engaged with the brand : Majority of businesses send mails to the audiences who has allowed to receive notifications via E-Mail. This means they are approaching only to the interested customers. This is an added benefit in getting higher conversion rates. It is possible to send such E-Mails to random audiences but the result might not be that pleasant. It might leave a negative image of the brand.
4. Low costs : An obvious advantage of E-Mail marketing is that it is very low cost as compared to other mainstream marketing tactics. Rather than investing money on other advertising mediums, E-Mail marketers are more interested in investing in specialized software that automates, tracks and evaluates their E-Mails.