Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a form of Internet Marketing where advertisers need to pay a certain amount of fee each time when their ad is being clicked. These ads are posted by Search Engine, owners of website or a network of websites. Pay Per Click is commonly associated with most used search engines such as Google and Bing. Unlike search engines, this form of advertisement has been adopted by Social Networking sites now a days. Thus, Pay Per Click advertising is a broad category, consisting a wide variety of platforms and mediums. Perhaps, there are some factors that can affect how often ads are displayed and how effective they are to achieve the desired goal. These factors are mentioned below.

1. Keyword and Ad Relevance : Advertisers must select keywords and ad language in accordance to their targeted audiences. Ignoring these steps will not help in making the advertisement campaign useful for the business. For Google Search Ads, there must be a close and obvious connection between the targeted keywords and the copy of the ad.
2. Landing Page : A landing page is the website or link where the traffic reach after clocking on the ad. It should be well optimized in such a manner that it is clearly related to the ad. And the landing page should be optimized for all the devices ( from the worst to best)
3. Quality Score : The probability of getting maximum ad clicks possible at lower cost depends on this factor, Quality Score. The better the quality score is, the higher chances of getting more clicks. Quality Score is the ratings given by Google on the quality of all parts of the ad campaign including each factors such as keywords, ad copy, landing page, etc.
4. Budget : Advertisers should consider their competitor’s budget while making their own budget plan. This is very crucial when it involves bidding system in the ad display process. The bidding are made on the keywords according to their demand. So if their competitor’s have a large budget, they will surely be ahead at every step.