Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a type of digital marketing or e-marketing that uses social media platforms to promote brands, increase sales and drive traffic towards a website. The major social media these days are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

The main objective of Social Media Marketing is to build a connection with users. It helps to obtain feedback from the customers directly. The fact that social media is a means of communication helps the customers to be heard, either be it their queries or their complaints. Getting feedback and working on them is the best way to improve a brand faster and thus it even helps to understand the needs of the customers.


  1. Reach out large audiences: social media is a fun platform. It has become a great hang out place, virtually. Millions of people are on social media today. Thus it has given businesses a great opportunity to reach a large pool of people that are somehow interested in their products and services. Reaching out large audiences is a great advantage for a business. It also helps a business to find more leads.
  2. Organic content : One more benefit of using Social Media Marketing is the ability to post organic content. This gives an opportunity to connect with the valuable leads without paying any cents. It makes sense why most of the companies prefer to use this platform for marketing purposes. It allows them to post as much content they want to their customers.
  3. Brand build-up : When a business connects with their valuable leads (potential customers), they expose their brand to the customers. The ability to post content for free allows building brand recognition repeatedly with the audiences. This helps to build brand loyalty. By exposing the brand to the maximum audiences, the brand becomes familiar. Brand familiarity leads to more conversions. People tend to buy only from the brands they trust.
  4. Going viral : Social media is the only means for anything (either be it a video,     photo or any content) to go viral in no time. Perhaps this factor can also be an advantage to a business. Obtaining a large number of followers and a well-created content will help a brand to go viral. People love to share the things they like with their friends and family.