Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization refers to the optimization of a website or the elements of a website and its content for mass social consumption through social media platforms. Unlike Search Engine Optimization, the objective of Social Media Optimization is to drive traffic to a website and increase awareness for a website, brand, products or events.

Social Media Optimization also refers to those applications that automate this process or to those experts who execute this process for their clients.

The main objective of Social Media Optimization is to create online content with well-planned strategies, which includes composing of a well-written text, creating attractive digital pictures or video clips that encourage the audiences to get engaged with the website and then share the content with their web friends and contacts. Social Media Optimization is the best way to be implemented for Online Reputation Management (ORM). It can anticipate the negative comments and feedback that are causing a major threat to a website or a company. 

There are some methods that are necessary to bring impressive results by using this process.

  • Content must be engageable and shareable : It doesn’t matter how attractive content is, it will not drive any traffic unless the targeted audiences are engaged with it through like, comment and share. The only way to generate the reader’s interest is by making the content engagement friendly, relevant to the targeted audiences.  Here are some points on how it can be done.
  1.  The content should be persuasive.
  2. The contents must be posted on a regular basis.
  3. Adding media-rich elements to the page.
  4. Making the content in such a way that it can be shared easily.
  • Using Social Media Analytics : All the SMO efforts that are made can be tracked using social media analytics. This process can be executed in a well efficient manner through Google Analytics using UTM codes. These are shortcut  URLs that help to attribute the traffic a website gets from social media to a specific campaign. Moreover, it also allows getting an overview of the impact an SMO strategy is having.
  • Efficient use of HASHTAGs : Using hashtags is one of the most important ways to drive audiences to content. It allows the audiences to find the content themselves. Hashtags not only drive traffics but also categorize social media posts.